What a Time to be Alive: Accelerating Toward Automation


The more I work with business leaders at events around the globe, the more convinced I’ve become that we truly are living in a unique moment filled with opportunities for those ready to seize them.

What makes this moment so special? It’s very clear and gets more so every day—the lightning pace with which innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA) are opening new possibilities and transforming the way business happens.

I find myself relating to the classic “What a time to be alive” meme from “The Simpsons.” Instead of marveling at the existence of a “moon pie,” I’m captivated by the impact that data-driven decision making and intelligent automation technologies are having on such a broad spectrum of industries—finance, government, healthcare and more. It’s like nothing we’ve seen since the advent of the internet. And it’s all happening so fast!

That’s why I’m especially excited to be the emcee and a speaker at the Kofax Accelerate virtual conference. Kofax is one of the leading intelligent automation technology providers, and Accelerate is their flagship event designed to show organizations how to quicken the pace of their digital transformations. It will air in prime business time in the Americas (May 25 – 26), EMEA (May 26 – 27) and APAC (June 3 – 4).

Kofax compares this moment we’re all in to a fast-paced competition. As companies begin to distance themselves from the economic drag of the pandemic, some are in better shape than others. The ones in the lead are those that were able to harness the power of things like document intelligence, process orchestration and connected systems to digitally transform their most valuable business workflows.

There are numbers to back up Kofax’s perspective. A Forrester survey  of global enterprises shows spending on automation almost doubled in the last two years—to 11.2% of the IT budget from 6.7%. And by the end of 2021, IT decision makers believe it will reach 15.7% of the budget.

It’s important to note that the race toward automation excellence is far from over. Things are only speeding up from here, and those competitors in the rearview mirror may be closer than they appear. That’s where Accelerate comes in. It’s a great opportunity for companies to learn from their peers and other experts about all the different ways they can increase the velocity on their transformation initiatives.

There are going to be some fantastic leaders from some big-name organizations taking part in the conference. Kofax’s CEO, Reynolds C. Bish, and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Huff, are just a few members of Kofax’s executive team who also will be hosting keynote sessions. It will be interesting to learn from some industry heavyweights about the latest trends and best practices. I’m eager to hear the success stories of their own digital transformation journeys as well as their insights on how to stay ahead of the competition in the automation race.

They’ve even got Chris Hadfield—a globally renowned astronaut—giving a keynote speech called “Accelerate to Tomorrow.” And hey, who wouldn’t want to listen to some advice from an astronaut?

When you step back and take stock of what’s really going on, it all boils down to this: Digital adoption is accelerating, and you don’t want to be left eating your competitors’ dust. You’d better buckle up and stomp on the gas or else this moment—and your competition—will pass you by.

Yes, it may be quite a time to be alive, but it won’t last. So, what are you waiting for? Register to attend Kofax Accelerate and decide what you want your tomorrow to look like. It’s going to get here fast.


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